Pushup Calorie Calculator: How many calories do you burn doing pushups?


On average, you can expect to burn around 0.3 - 0.6 calories per push up. This means every 100 push ups, you can burn at least 30 calories.

Push ups are one of the most effective exercises in sculpting your pecs, tricipes, and shoulders. When done correctly, they are also safer than using free weights and even machines.

To determine how many calories you'll burn doing them simply enter the following information into my Push up calories calculator.

  • Your weight in kilos or pounds

  • Your current activity level

  • The number of pushups you've done

If you are a 240 pound, highly active man, you can burn over 600 calories by doing 1000 pushups a day. But, it would be a poor idea to do so. Training the same muscle group daily will result in overtraining, reduced gains, and increased risk of injury.

Here is a helpful chart that shows the amount of calories a 150 pound person can expect to burn per day with pushups.

Push-Ups Weight (lbs) Calories Burned
300 pushups a day 150 153.00
400 pushups a day 150 204.00
500 pushups a day 150 255.00
600 pushups a day 150 306.00
700 pushups a day 150 357.00
800 pushups a day 150 408.00
900 pushups a day 150 459.00
1000 pushups a day 150 510.00

Push ups for biceps

Do pushups workout biceps? Yes, but to an almost negligible degree. As such, it isn't worth incorporating them into your bicep days.

If you prefer body weight exercises or don't have access to a equipment, do pull ups. If pull ups are a little too touch, you can always curl luggage, bags, or anything that isn't nailed to the floor.

Be sure to bookmark this calculator as a quick reference for counting your calories burned. If you want to figure out what you need to eat to end your day in a calorie deficit, check out my free calorie deficit calculator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 12/19/2023