What Can I have while fasting?

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If you're fasting, whether for religious purposes, health purposes or both. You may be wondering what can I have while fasting? Most liquids are ok to consume as long as you don't consume any solid foods with it.

Which liquids should I stay away from, you ask? Here are all the answers you'll ever need to frequently asked questions all about fasting.

Can you drink coffee while fasting?

This largely depends on the type of fast. If you are on a water fast, then coffee is not allowed. However, if you're on a non-religious fast from food, coffee is generally allowed if you don't pile on the sugar and milk.

If you are fasting for religious purposes, the rules largely depend on the holy doctrine you adhere to. As a Christian, whenever I fast, I avoid coffees, smoothies, and any other liquids that contain any amount of solid food.

For my Islamic brothers and sisters, during Ramadan, no food or drink, including coffee is allowed. These types of fasts are way to hard for me to attempt as I'd have intense headaches from dehydration as the days progressed.

Can I chew gum while fasting?

As long as you don't swallow the gum, eating gum is ok while fasting. In fact, it was the only way I could make it through fasting myself.

Keep in mind that gum contains a small amount of calories and sugar. So, if you're trying to abstain from calories entirely, you may want to avoid gum.

To help curb your appetite, try to stick with the spearmint or Winterfresh gum. After chewing it for a little while, it feels like you have just brushed your teeth, which should help reduce your cravings for real, delicious food.

If you can find low or zero calorie sour gum, buy it. There is something about the tart, sourness of lemons that seems to cut my appetite even more than spicey substances do.

Can I drink tea while fasting?

If you drink plain, black tea with no sugary additives, then it's ok to drink during a fast. However, adding sugar, milk, honey, and other sweeteners to the beverage will almost certainly cause you to break fast.

Can I use Stevia while fasting?

Since stevia, like aspartame, is an artificial sweetener that contains 0 calories, consuming it should not break your fast. If you often drink products that contain stevia as an alternative to aspartame products.

Can you drink diet soda while fasting?

Yes, given that diet sodas generally contain no calories or sugar, they technically don't violate the rules of most fasts. Diet Coke and Diet Ginger Ale are staples of my fasts as the sode helps me to remain somewhat full throughout the starvation period.

Can you smoke while fasting?

Smoking generally does not cause you to intake calories or anything solid, so does not violate any of the fasting rules. However, although you're not consuming any calories, you are exposing your precious lungs to a whole host of nasty toxins.

So, in reality, you are better off caving in and eating a Big Mac than using cigarettes to reduce your appetite during a fast. Smoking is never a good answer to any problem...ever!

Can you drink celsius while fasting?

Celsius is an energy that contains 10 calories and technically breaks your fast if you are doing a total fast from calories. However, if you're intermittently fasting, the caloric value of the beverage is negligible.

Can you drink electrolytes while fasting?

Yes, you can and should consume electrolytes while fasting to prevent dehydration and painful headaches. I'm not sure why, but the most intense headaches I've ever had have stemmed from not being properly hydrated.

To get your electrolytes in, you don't need to consume gallons of super-sweet Gatorade. Rather, there are several powdered additives that you can place directly into your water.

I generally use the Gatorade Zero flavor packets in the Glacier flavor for my fasting days, or when I want a break from my boring bottle of water.

Can you drink a protein shake while fasting?

Though blending up your favorite protein shake during a long, grueling fast can be tempting, doing so will certainly break up. Although a shake itsn't eaten with a fork and knife, it contains calories, fruits, vegetables, milk, and a number of other additives.

Protein shakes are a very easy way to break your fast once it's complete. It's a slow way to introduce solids back into your diet without causing your stomach to become upset. Just try and steer clear of dairy products as they've always hurt my stomach post-fast.

Should I enter a sauna while fasting?

No, entering a sauna or engaging in any strenuous activity during a fast can be very dangerous. I used to do this a lot back in my wrestling days whenever I needed to cut weight fast.

It's not only foolish but dangerous and can result in your hospitalization or worse. No amount of weight loss is worth putting your life at risk. An alternative to the sauna is a light walk in a shaded park during a warm day.

Remember your purpose for fasting to make it through

Fasts are the ultimate tests of strength, faith, and willpower. Whether you are doing it for religious purposes or for your weight loss, you'll need to focus on your goals intensely to succeed in your fast.

For weight loss, fasting should be used sparingly to avoid developing an eating disorder or becoming malnourished. For a more permanent solution to weight loss, check out my intermittent fasting calculator.

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