Restaurant Themes: Awesome ideas for your diner or food truck!

cool restaurant themes

Choosing a restaurant theme

A solid theme in a restaurant can make the dining experience much more memorable for your customers, which in turn will lead to repeat visits and referrals. Some of my most enjoyable dining experiences were not due to the food but the theme of the place we dined in. This is why people pay so much to eat subpar food at Disney or Nickelodeon themed diners.

To give your establishment an edge over the competition, try choosing a theme that matches the types of food you serve and more importantly the vision of your business overall. In addition, you'll want your menu to go along with the theme. For example, a sea faring restuarant could provide pirate map style menus to customers.

To help you come up the best restaurant theme possible, I've put together a list of awesome restaurant theme ideas along with some ideas for menu design.

Unique Restaurant Themes

  • Death Note Cafe

    Dark, mysterious ambiance, where you 'write' your order in a replica of the Death Note.

    Menu resembling pages from the Death Note itself.

  • PokéDiner

    A Pokémon-themed restaurant where trainers come to dine.

    Menu designed like a Pokédex, with dishes named after Pokémon moves.

  • Naruto Ramen Stand

    Inspired by Ichiraku Ramen, offering various types of ramen and side dishes.

    Menu styled like a ninja scroll.

  • One Piece Tavern

    Pirate setting with a treasure hunt experience and dishes inspired by the Straw Hat crew's adventures.

    Menu resembling an old pirate map.

  • Sword Art Online Eatery

    Virtual reality-inspired setting where diners can 'level up' with each visit.

    Menu designed like the in-game item list.

  • My Hero Cafeteria

    UA High setting, offering dishes inspired by the quirks of its students.

    Menu styled after a hero license, listing dishes as "Hero Moves".

  • Dragon Ball Z Diner

    Dragon Ball universe setting with dishes named after the series' iconic moves and characters.

    Menu designed like a Dragon Radar, highlighting dishes as dragon balls.

  • Attack on Titan Mess Hall

    Walled city setting with dishes fit for Survey Corps members.

    Menu resembling the Wings of Freedom emblem.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Cafe

    Darker, eerie ambiance with 'ghoul-friendly' offerings.

    Menu designed with mask motifs, with dishes named after kagune types.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Bistro

    Alchemy-inspired setting with dishes that 'transform' before your eyes.

    Menu styled like an alchemical tome, with transmutation circle designs.

  • Fairy Tail Tavern

    Magical setting where guild members gather, offering spellbinding dishes.

    Menu designed with the Fairy Tail guild emblem and magical runes.

  • Spirited Away Bathhouse Eatery

    Mystical setting inspired by Yubaba's bathhouse, with dishes from the spirit world.

    Menu styled with iconic imagery from the film, like No-Face and Haku's dragon form.

  • One Punch Man Gym & Grill

    Superhero workout and diner combo, serving power-packed meals.

    Menu styled after Saitama's training regimen.

  • Cowboy Bebop Space Bar

    Intergalactic setting inspired by the Bebop spaceship, offering cosmic cocktails.

    Menu designed like a bounty hunter's list, showcasing dishes as 'bounties'.

  • Studio Ghibli Garden Cafe

    Pastoral setting inspired by various Ghibli films, surrounded by nature.

    Menu illustrated with iconic Ghibli characters and scenes.

  • Neon Genesis Eatery

    Futuristic setting, offering dishes that cater to NERV staff and pilots.

    Menu styled like an AT field, with dishes named after Angels.

  • Bleach Soul Diner

    Soul Society-inspired setting, serving dishes fit for Shinigami.

    Menu resembling a Zanpakuto's blade, with calligraphy-style writing.

  • Inuyasha Feudal Feast

    Feudal era setting with dishes inspired by Inuyasha's journey through time.

    Menu designed with sacred jewel shard motifs.

  • Black Butler Mansion Dining

    Victorian-era setting where diners are served by 'demonic butlers'.

    Menu styled after an old English ledger.

  • Demon Slayer Inn

    Traditional Japanese setting inspired by the Taisho period, offering dishes to rejuvenate demon slayers.

    Menu adorned with the series' iconic kimono patterns and Nezuko's bamboo muzzle.

  • Westeros Feast Hall

    Medieval setting inspired by the Seven Kingdoms, with live music from bards and dishes named after the various houses.

    Menu styled like a scroll, with house sigils.

  • Winterfell Inn

    North-inspired setting, with fur-lined seats and hearty meals fit for a Stark.

    Menu designed with the Stark direwolf and snow motifs.

  • Dragonstone Grill

    Lava rock grilled dishes with Targaryen-inspired fiery decor.

    Menu adorned with the three-headed dragon sigil.

  • The Night's Watch Canteen

    Chilly ambiance representing The Wall, serving meals fit for the sworn brothers.

    Menu resembling the black cloak with the Night's Watch oath.

  • Highgarden Garden Bistro

    Outdoor setting with floral decorations, offering fresh salads and Tyrell-inspired dishes.

    Menu adorned with the Tyrell rose.

  • Iron Islands Seafood Shack

    Seaside setting offering fresh catches of the day and Greyjoy-inspired beverages.

    Menu styled like a weathered pirate map with the kraken sigil.

  • Middle-Earth Tavern

    Inspired by the world of "The Lord of the Rings", with dishes like Lembas bread and Ent draughts.

    Menu illustrated with maps of Middle-Earth and Elvish scripts.

  • Shire Breakfast Cafe

    Hobbiton-inspired setting offering all seven Hobbit meals, from first breakfast to supper.

    Menu designed with Hobbit hole and pipe motifs.

  • Rivendell Elven Lounge

    Ethereal setting with Elven music and dishes inspired by the Elves of Middle-Earth.

    Menu adorned with Elvish patterns and scripts.

  • Witcher's Alchemy Bar

    Dark, atmospheric setting inspired by "The Witcher", offering a variety of concoctions and potions.

    Menu designed with the Witcher medallion and Runestones.

  • Mage's Council Eatery

    Inspired by "The Magicians", with dishes that change form and beverages that float.

    Menu styled with magical symbols and Brakebills' emblem.

  • Fae Realm Bistro

    Enchanted setting inspired by "Shadow and Bone", serving Grisha and Ravkan dishes.

    Menu adorned with Grisha orders' symbols.

  • Outlander's Scottish Pub

    Historical setting inspired by "Outlander", offering Scottish meals and beverages from both timelines.

    Menu resembling an old Celtic manuscript with clan badges.

  • Starfall Space Diner

    Futuristic setting inspired by "Firefly", offering intergalactic dishes and drinks.

    Menu designed like a star map with the series' iconic ship, Serenity.

  • Avalon Medieval Feast

    Inspired by "Merlin", with a round table setting, offering dishes fit for a king and his knights.

    Menu adorned with the Pendragon crest and magical runes.

  • Narnia Winter Cafe

    Winter wonderland inspired by "The Chronicles of Narnia", serving Turkish delights and hot beverages.

    Menu illustrated with the iconic lamppost and Aslan's mane.

  • Classic American Diner

    Retro ambiance with jukeboxes, serving burgers and shakes.

    Menu styled like 1950s magazines.

  • Farm-to-Table Bistro

    Eco-friendly setting with fresh organic produce.

    Menu on recycled paper with a rustic look.

  • Seafood Shack

    Coastal design, specializing in fresh seafood dishes.

    Nautical themed menu.

  • Italian Trattoria

    Warm and cozy, serving pasta and pizzas.

    Menu with Italian countryside imagery.

  • French Bistro

    Romantic ambiance with French classics.

    Elegant menu with cursive fonts.

  • Mediterranean Oasis

    Bright interiors, offering dishes from the Mediterranean region.

    Menu with blue and white themes.

  • Japanese Sushi Bar

    Minimalistic design, serving sushi and sashimi.

    Menu with traditional Japanese illustrations.

  • Mexican Taqueria

    Colorful setting with tacos, nachos, and more.

    Festive menu with vibrant colors.

  • Indian Spice Route

    Rich decor, offering diverse Indian flavors.

    Menu adorned with Indian art motifs.

  • Vegan Forest Café

    Plant-centric design with all vegan offerings.

    Green-themed menu with leaf designs.

  • Luxury Steakhouse

    Upscale ambiance specializing in prime cuts.

    Elegant leather-bound menu.

  • Tapas & Tunes Bar

    Vibrant setting offering small dishes with live music.

    Menu with musical note accents.

  • Middle Eastern Caravan

    Desert-inspired, serving kebabs and falafels.

    Menu with sand and camel illustrations.

  • Chinese Herbal Teahouse

    Tranquil setting with traditional teas and dim sum.

    Menu with ancient Chinese drawings.

  • Thai Riverside

    Bamboo interiors with spicy Thai dishes.

    Menu reflecting Thailand's water markets.

  • Peruvian Mountain Kitchen

    High-altitude dishes in a rustic setting.

    Menu with Andes mountain illustrations.

  • Underwater Seafood Realm

    Underwater-themed restaurant specializing in seafood.

    Transparent menu resembling water.

  • Caribbean Beach Bar

    Tropical ambiance serving Caribbean dishes.

    Menu styled like a treasure map.

  • Russian Winter Palace

    Luxurious setting with Russian classics.

    Menu with snowflake designs.

  • African Safari Grill

    Safari-themed with African grilled dishes.

    Menu with tribal patterns and wildlife motifs.

  • Korean BBQ House

    Interactive grilling with Korean flavors.

    Menu with traditional Korean symbols.

  • German Beer Garden

    Outdoor setting with beers and sausages.

    Wooden menu with beer and pretzel imagery.

  • Canadian Maple Café

    Wooden interiors with maple-inspired dishes.

    Menu styled with maple leaf designs.

  • Greek Island Taverna

    Whitewashed walls with Greek classics.

    Menu with olive branch motifs.

  • Australian Outback Grill

    Desert-inspired setting with Aussie barbecues.

    Menu resembling boomerangs and didgeridoos.

  • Scottish Highlands Pub

    Warm, rustic setting with Scotch whiskies and hearty meals.

    Menu designed with tartan patterns.

  • Brazilian Carnival Lounge

    Vibrant ambiance serving Brazilian BBQ and cocktails.

    Menu infused with feathers and samba colors.

  • Alaskan Seafood Grill

    Chilly ambiance, offering dishes with the freshest catches.

    Menu themed around glaciers and marine life.

  • Swiss Mountain Chalet

    Wooden interiors with Swiss cheese and chocolate dishes.

    Menu resembling a skiing map.

  • Spanish Flamenco Tapas Bar

    Fiery ambiance with Spanish small dishes and live dances.

    Menu with fan and guitar designs.

  • Egyptian Pharaoh Lounge

    Luxurious, ancient setting with North African cuisine.

    Menu adorned with hieroglyphics.

  • Vietnamese Floating Market

    Riverside dishes in a market-like setting.

    Menu reflecting the vibrant market life.

  • Caribbean Pirate Tavern

    Seafaring setting offering seafood and rum-based drinks.

    Menu resembling an old treasure map.

  • Texan Ranch BBQ

    Cowboy-themed, serving smoked meats and southern sides.

    Menu styled like an old wanted poster.

  • Polish Folk Bistro

    Traditional setting with Polish comfort foods.

    Menu with folk art patterns.

  • Maldivian Overwater Grill

    Exotic setting on stilts, offering seafood and tropical dishes.

    Menu with ocean and coral reef designs.

  • Turkish Delight Cafe

    Ottoman-inspired with Turkish sweets and coffees.

    Menu adorned with Islamic art and patterns.

  • Finnish Northern Lights Lounge

    Chilly ambiance with dishes inspired by the Arctic Circle.

    Menu illuminated like the auroras.

  • Argentinian Tango Steakhouse

    Romantic setting serving steaks with live tango performances.

    Menu with dance shoe and rose motifs.

  • Maori Tribal Grill

    New Zealand-inspired setting with tribal performances and dishes.

    Menu with tribal tattoos and fern designs.

  • Portuguese Seaside Tavern

    Coastal setting serving seafood and pastries.

    Menu with seashell and lighthouse imagery.

  • Antarctic Ice Bistro

    Chilled ambiance, offering seafood and cool beverages.

    Menu reflecting glaciers and penguins.

  • Mongolian Nomad Hut

    Yurt setting with hearty Central Asian dishes.

    Menu styled after traditional Mongolian scripts.

  • Cuban Salsa Bar

    Vibrant ambiance with Cuban dishes and live music.

    Menu with vintage car and cigar designs.

  • Hawaiian Luau Lounge

    Tropical setting with Polynesian dances and dishes.

    Menu designed with surfboards and leis.

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