Calories in Orange Chicken: How to balance them in your diet

orange chicken calories

Explore the calories in orange chicken from popular eateries like Panda Express, Beyond Meat, Trader Joe's, and Costco, and learn how to use orange chicken to meet your dietary goals.

Calories and Protein in Panda Express Orange Chicken

One serving of Panda Express orange chicken contains about 370 to 490 calories, depending on the serving size, with a significant portion of fat and carbohydrates. The protein content in a serving is about 14 grams, contributing to your daily protein intake.

For those interested in larger servings, the calories in large orange chicken Panda Express are approximately 490 calories, making it a more filling meal option.

Calories in Panda Express Orange Chicken Bowl with Various Sides

Panda Express orange chicken bowl calories vary depending on the choice of sides. Here’s a quick guide:

Sides Calories in Bowl
Chow Mein 910 calories
White Rice 820 calories
Brown Rice 830 calories
Mixed Veggies 620 calories

  • A bowl with Chow Mein is the highest in calories, at 910 calories per serving.
  • Opting for White or Brown Rice offers slightly fewer calories, with 820 and 830 calories, respectively.
  • For a lower-calorie option, Mixed Veggies as a side reduces the calorie count to 620 per bowl.

Optimizing Orange Chicken for Protein Goals

Orange chicken can be an integral part of a protein-rich diet. Incorporating it with high-protein sides can help meet your protein goals. Protein is essential for muscle building, repair, and overall health, and including orange chicken in your diet can contribute significantly to these needs.

A slightly healthier choice: Beyond Meat's Orange Chicken

The plant-based Beyond Orange Chicken from Panda Express is a flavorful alternative, offering 440 calories and 13 grams of plant-based protein per serving. This makes it a viable option for those following vegetarian or plant-based diets.

Trader Joe’s and Costco: Frozen Orange Chicken Options

Trader Joe’s orange chicken is a popular frozen option, containing 320 calories and 21 grams of protein per cup. In contrast, Costco Orange Chicken offers 260 calories and 13 grams of protein per cup, presenting a budget-friendly and convenient meal solution.

Dietary Considerations: Making Orange Chicken Work for You

Orange chicken's versatility allows it to fit into various dietary plans. Whether it's a quick meal, a plant-based diet option, or a frozen convenience food, it can be adapted to suit different nutritional needs and preferences.

For those on a weight management journey, portion control and remaining at a caloric deficit is key. Opting for smaller servings and pairing orange chicken with vegetables or whole grains can create a more balanced meal. On the other hand, individuals looking to gain muscle mass might prefer larger portions with additional protein-rich sides.

Nutritional Comparison with Other Popular Dishes

When compared to other popular dishes like fried chicken or beef and broccoli, orange chicken strikes a middle ground in terms of calorie and protein content. It offers a unique combination of flavors and can be a more calorie-conscious choice compared to heavier, fried options.

Understanding the nutritional content of orange chicken in comparison to other dishes can help diners make healthier choices that align with their dietary preferences and restrictions.

Orange Chicken in Various Cuisines

While orange chicken is predominantly known in American Chinese cuisine, similar dishes can be found in other cuisines with slight variations in ingredients and preparation methods. These variations can affect the dish's overall nutritional profile, offering different levels of calories, fat, and protein.

Exploring orange chicken in different culinary contexts can be a delightful way to experience new flavors while being mindful of nutritional content.

Tips for Including Orange Chicken in a Balanced Diet

Including orange chicken in a balanced diet requires consideration of overall daily calorie and nutrient intake. Pairing orange chicken with fiber-rich vegetables, whole grains, or legumes can enhance the meal's nutritional value, providing a more well-rounded diet.

For those concerned about sodium intake, opting for homemade or less processed versions of orange chicken can be a healthier alternative. This allows for control over ingredients and seasoning, catering to individual health needs and taste preferences.

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