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Create a perfect name for your fast food business with my fast food name generator below. Each name generated comes with a signature sandwich name or dish for your restaurant. If you don't like the first set, simply adjust the slider to your liking and generate another set of great name ideas.


For additional inspiration, I've put together some of the best fast food restaurants I've eaten at along with their signature dishes. Most of these places are not nationwide so I'll also list where you can find them in case you want to take a road trip Harold and Kumar style.

Best Regional Exclusive Fast Food Restaurants

Pollo Tropical

Found mostly in Southern and Central Florida, Pollo Tropical is famous for their delicious grilled chicken and the iconic Tropichop. It's one of the healthiest fast food spots you'll find in the United States.

Cook Out

I've only ever found Cookouts when driving through GA, and the Carolinas. They provide you with a mountain of delicious burgers, fries, wraps, and milkshakes for less than $10 when you order one of their signature trays.

Raising Cane's

This is my daughter's favorite fast food spot, and for good reason. Though they only serve chicken tenders, the sauce, Texas Toast, and coleslaw have solidified Cane's as my go-to cheap meal location. There are a handful in South Florida but the bulk of their locations are in Louisiana and Texas.

White Castle

For the majority of my life White Castle has been located where ever I wasn't. But, for the first time in a lifetime, there is now one in Orlando which isn't too bad of a drive away from me. Other than Central Florida, White Castle can be found in the Midwest and New York.

They are famous for their little burgers with delicious mini onions and halfway decent fries. They're also moderately priced given the amount of food you can get with each meal.


Buccee's is the most luxurious gas station you'll ever visit. They dethroned Wawa as's best gas station in the United States. The shop is equipped with a BBQ bar, desserts, fresh jerky, and tons of other items.

These wonderful buildings are only located in Central and Northern Florida but are well worth the trip. Should you ever stop by, grab their BBQ Brisket sandwich.

Keep building great food business names

The food business is vicious, and fast food restaurant competition is fierce. But that doesn't mean your dream can't come true. Use the awesome fast food name ideas and signature dishes you found on my site to help your business stand out.

And if you decide to pursue a different route with a food truck, check out my Food Truck Name Generator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/10/2024


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