What to do if your dog won't drink water

dog refusing water

Why wont my dog drink water?

Your dog may not be drinking water due to an underlying medical condition like an intestinal blockage. This was always the case with my French Bulldog who has a very nasty habit of ingesting things like toys, wine corks, nerf gun bullets, ping-pong balls, and every weird thing in between.

The reason he refused to drink or even eat anything while he had the blockage was due to loss of appetite and an upset stomach. Without being able to pass waste, it began to back up in his little system, causing intense vomiting.

We took him to the vet, they charged me around $3,000 USD, and he came home the next day. Now, this may not be the case for your dog, but if it is, be prepared for a hefty vet bill.

Hopefully your pet has better survival instincts than mine and the tips below are are helpful for getting your dog hydrated again.

What to do if your dog won't drink water

  • Give them bone broth

  • Try feeding a raw egg

  • Let them drink from a garden hose at the lowest possible pressure

  • Mix wet dog food with bone broth and raw eggs

  • Give them pure bone broth

Give your dog bone broth

Bone broth is delicious and almost irrestible for most dogs. Even when my Frenchie refused water, he dove face first into a bowl of organic bone broth.

If you're in a pinch and cannot locate organic bone broth, just grab whatever broth is available. Dehydration can lead to all sorts of terrible health problems so time is of the essence.

Give them a raw egg

Raw eggs are gross but they are over 75% water and dogs love them. They'll also provide some much needed protein for your sick dog.

Spray your garden hose next to them

This will certainly vary from dog to dog but some dogs love to bite at the stream of water released from a garden hose. If you try this, be sure use the lowest pressure possible and only allow them to drink from the side of the water stream.

Letting them drink directly from the base of the stream is akin to water boarding and will probably result in them choking and a long prison sentence for you.

Try an ice cube

My dog loves chasing an ice cube around. If your dog does too, licking and biting at the ice cube should allow some water to enter it's body.

Mix wet dog food with bone broth and raw eggs

Wet dog food already contains water and adding delicious bone broth and eggs may entice your dog to eat. Every gulp will hydrate them as you've now essentially made them soup.

Take them to a vet as soon as humanly possible

If all your efforts fail and your dog is still not drinking water, take them to a vet. A dog refusing to drink water is not something you can employ the "wait-and-see" method with. Every moment that passes could be your dog's last.

And if you're wondering how long a dog can go without water, its only 72 hours so chances are, you are dangerously low on time already!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 11/26/2023


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