Fasting 101: What to do and what not to do!

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Can I drink diet soda while fasting?

Diet soda, calorie-free but containing artificial sweeteners, may affect fasting. Insulin production can be triggered by aspartame, sucralose, or saccharin.

Individual responses vary; consider your fasting goal and body's reaction to these sweeteners.

How to make fasting less boring

Fasting challenges willpower and can feel dull. Distracting activities, like light exercises or hobbies, can make it more enjoyable.

Intellectual activities and staying hydrated with water or herbal teas also help in managing hunger and maintaining focus.

  • Engage in activities like yoga or walking to elevate mood and energy.

  • Reading or learning new skills online helps distract from hunger.

  • Mindfulness and meditation aid in controlling hunger and staying calm.

  • Hydration with water or tea suppresses hunger and keeps you full.

  • Organizing your space is a productive distraction from fasting.

  • Social interactions, even virtual, help time pass more quickly.

  • Meal planning post-fasting keeps you focused on healthy choices.

  • Journaling your fasting experience provides motivation and insights.

Do energy drinks break a fast?

Traditional energy drinks with sugar and calories can disrupt fasting. Even 'zero-calorie' versions might trigger metabolic responses.

High caffeine levels increase cortisol, possibly stimulating hunger. Pure fasts are best maintained with water or unsweetened tea and coffee.

Energy drinks that won't break a fast

Some energy drinks are fasting-friendly, being calorie-free without sweeteners. Look for natural, non-caloric ingredients.

Beware of hidden ingredients like BCAAs or taurine, which may affect fasting.

Will a 10 calorie energy drink break my fast?

A 10-calorie intake, though minimal, technically breaks a fast by initiating a metabolic response.

For strict fasting protocols, any caloric intake is best avoided, aligning with fasting goals.

Conclusion: Fast can be more tolerable

Fasting becomes tolerable with the right mindset. Understanding the effects of beverages and food, and keeping busy are essential.

Personalizing your approach to fasting based on body response and goals makes it a powerful tool for various purposes.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/24/2024


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