Best Honey Bun Brand

hostess honey bun

What is the best honey bun brand?

Honey buns were a staple of my high school years. I used to grab one or two between classes and pair it with an ice-cold mountain dew.

Granted, the crash from this sugar high was pretty drastic but it was absolutely worth it. Throughout the years, become a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to snacks, particularly honey buns.

Thus, I have curated my favorite brands and ranked them all below you. Fortunately for us, these are readily available at a gas station near you.

#5 Mrs. Freshley's

mr freshley honey bun

Mrs. Freshley's honeybuns are really good IF you get the individual jumbo ones. The ones that come in the six-pack are almost inedible.

The jumbo variant, however, tastes similar to Krispey Kreme's honeybuns but they lack the touch of cinnamon needed to make them truly great.

#4 Hostess

hostess honey bun

Hostess snacks in general aren't great as you can almost taste the preservatives. Without a doubt, the best snacks they make are their honeybuns.

These snacks taste great but to me, they taste more like a cinnamon roll than a traditional honeybun. The cinnamon flavor somewhat overpowers the flavorful glaze.

#3 Tasty Kake

tasty kake honeybun

Unfortunately, these seem to only be available at Wal-Mart in the South Florida area which means I only see them in gas stations when I travel up the East coast.

Of the honeybuns on my list, this one is the most filling. It's a great-tasting, fluffy honeybun that only failed to make my top 2 due to the chalky consistency of its glaze.

#2 Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme honeybun

Of course the place with sinfully delicious doughnuts makes an amazing honey bun. The dessert isn't too thick and the pastry is very light and fluffy.

The glaze might be similar to the recipe Krispy Kreme uses for their doughnuts which makes these cheap tasty pastries even more irresistible.

#1 Entenmann's

entemanns honeybun

The number one spot goes to a gourmet honey bun. It's hard to beat Krispy Kreme when it comes to sweet treats but Entemann's uses just enough cinnamon and glaze to create a perfect bun.

It's not so sweet that you can't finish the whole thing yet the glaze is flavorful.

These are definitely the best but it's pretty hard to make a bad honey bun. The only exception being little Debbie honey buns.

Those are very thin and lack flavor. It is, however, the cheapest of the bunch which definitely contributes to its taste or lack thereof!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/15/2023


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