The Best Fast Food Hacks of 2024

Best Fast Food Hacks

If you live in United States and elsewhere, there is no shortage of fast food restaurants to choose from. Whether you want wings, burgers, chicken tenders, or even BBQ ribs, there is some place ready to fulfill your order.

To help you make the most of your next fast food trip, here are some of the best fast food hacks I've discovered in my many trips to America's best drive-thrus.

McDonalds Menu Hacks

The Chicken Big Mac

The next time you order a McChicken or Premium Chicken sandwich from McDonalds, ask them to add Mac Sauce. Be sure to let them know to refrain from adding mayo to the sandwich lest you risk it drowning out the tangy task of the special sauce.

Raising Canes Menu Hacks

There aren't as many Raising Canes restaurants as there are McDonalds or Burger Kings, unfortunately, so you may have to drive a while before running into one. but when you do, try these menu hacks.

Free Texas Toast from Raising Canes

Ask your server to swap out your coleslaw for an extra piece of Texas Toast. This substitution is'nt posted on the menu, but it is certainly an option for those of us who don't like coleslaw that much.

Free Chicken Sandwich from Raising Canes

Similar to the first hack, ask for an extra bread when you order the four piece box combo. Take two of the four tenders and put them in between your two pieces of bread.

Throw a liberal amount of cane sauce on your bread slices and enjoy a two-in-one meal.

Wendys Menu Hacks

Wendy's has quite a bit of variety on its menu which makes it a great place to experiment with different flavors. Here are some of the best secret menu items.

Wendy's Milkshake

Wendy's doesn't have a milkshake on its menu but it does give you the option of getting a vanilla or chocolate Frosty. In most cases, you'll get a spoon alonside your dessert since it'll be thicker than grits right out of the machine.

But if you throw it in the microwave for a few seconds or if you leave it out for a little, that ice cream will melt and become thin enough to drink through a straw. Thus giving birth to a very cheap and delicious milkshake.

Wendys Chicken, Egg, and Cheese

Order a Croissant Chicken sandwich but subsitute the bacon and maple sauce for an egg and cheese. The simple swap will give you a McGriddle-like meal with much less grease.

Burger King Menu Hacks

The Frings

Can't decide between fries and onion rings? Ask for half fries and half onion rings with your order. This mix lets you enjoy the crispy goodness of both without choosing.

The Suicide Burger

For those with a monstrous appetite, ask for a Quad Stacker but add extra cheese, extra bacon, and extra patties. This towering creation is a feast that's not for the faint-hearted.


Customize a Whopper by adding bacon and extra mayo to turn it into a delicious BK BLT. It's a simple tweak that adds a smoky, creamy twist to a classic.

Veggie Whopper

Ask for a Whopper with a veggie burger patty instead of the beef patty for a vegetarian option. It keeps the iconic Whopper flavor but makes it meat-free.

The Mustard Whopper

Request mustard instead of mayonnaise on your Whopper for a tangier flavor profile. This small change can significantly alter the taste for mustard lovers.

Taco Bell Menu Hacks

The Cheesarito

Ask for melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce rolled up in a soft tortilla. It's a simple, cheesy delight that's not on the regular menu.

The Incredible Hulk

Transform a bean burrito by substituting the nacho cheese with guacamole for a fresher taste. This hack turns a standard burrito into a green powerhouse.

Lava Sauce Anything

Bring back the fiery flavor by asking to add spicy Lava Sauce to any item. It's perfect for those who miss the heat of the Volcano menu.

The Double Grilled Quesadilla

Request your quesadilla to be grilled twice for extra crispiness. This hack adds a crunchier texture to every cheesy bite.

Taco Salad Upgrade

Enhance a taco salad by adding extra meat, beans, and any available toppings. It turns a simple salad into a hearty meal.

Chick-fil-A Menu Hacks

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Spice up your meal by asking for a spicy chicken sandwich with Buffalo sauce. Enjoy it with ranch dressing on the side for a tangy and spicy twist.

The Secret Breakfast Sandwich

Create a hearty start to your day with a chicken patty on a breakfast biscuit, topped with egg and cheese. It's a filling option not listed on the menu.

Frosted Lemonade with a Twist

Transform frosted lemonade into a unique summer treat by asking for a pump of peach syrup. This twist creates a refreshing drink.

The Chicken Quesadilla

Request a quesadilla made with chicken nuggets and cheese at select locations. It's a cheesy, chicken-filled delight.

Spicy Char

Opt for a healthier kick by requesting a char-grilled chicken sandwich with the spicy chicken breast. Enjoy this healthier option with an added kick.

Starbucks Menu Hacks

Cotton Candy Frappuccino

Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup for a drink that tastes just like cotton candy. This creates a nostalgic and sweet treat.

The Undertow

Ask for a shot of espresso poured over vanilla syrup and cold milk for a quick caffeine fix. This combination provides a sweet undertone.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Frappuccino

Mix a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino with java chips and mocha sauce for a fall dessert in a cup. This hack turns it into a seasonal delight.

Medicine Ball Tea

Combine Jade Citrus Mint Tea with Peach Tranquility Tea, add honey, and steamed lemonade for a soothing drink. It's perfect for cold days.

The Black Eye

Wake up with a regular coffee boosted with two shots of espresso for an extra-strong caffeine kick. It's the perfect wake-up call on sluggish mornings.

Hack away at your favorite restaurant

Diving into fast food menu hacks is like finding out the secret level in a video game, it's a game changer. Whether you're mixin' it up with a Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's or chilling with a Cotton Candy Frappuccino at Starbucks, these tricks are all about flipping the script on the regular.

So next time you hit up your go-to spot, remember there's always a new combo or secret item just waiting to be unlocked. And if you're itching for more genius fast food hacks, head on over to my article dedicated to McDonalds menu hacks.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/25/2024


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