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Caffeine while studying

Humans love their caffeine! Many of us can't imagine a morning without coffee or a heavily caffeinated tea. Now, while I find coffee gross and tea undrinkable, I do love some caffeine in the morning or before a workout.

Energy drinks are my go-to for sustainable energy that keeps me going through long study and work sessions. Here is a list of my absolute favorites.

#5 Celcius - Watermelon

Celcius is a relatively new brand in the energy drink market, but its already omnipresent in gyms, schools, and where ever people need an extra kick to stay awake.

My wife's favorite flavor is watermelon, and for good reason! It actually tastes like the fruit that adorns its can.

#4 Bang - Cotton Candy

This bad boy is my big brother's drink of choice, and let us just say it's not beginner friendly. It contains 300mg of caffeine and a bunch of other stuff that probably contributes to the vast boost in energy.

I've been drinking energy drinks for years now and I could only handle about half a can. So, you probably won't need much to make it through an intense study session.

Also, due to its insane caffeine content, Bang is the best energy drink to stay awake while driving.

#3 Red Bull - Diet

This used to be my favorite before I bumped into the number one drink on my list. I've tried nearly all the flavors, from berry to the weird summer editions but always end up coming back to the standard diet flavor.

#2 Mountain Dew Kickstart - Grape

Mountain Dew has been one of my favorite soda brands since I was a kid drinking it alongside Pizza Hut's stuff crust pizza while watching Invader Zim. So, when it became an energy drink, I was ecstatic to try it.

And it did not disappoint. The energy drink tastes exactly like Mountain Dew, with the grape version being the best I've tasted so far. A close second would be the Mango and Orange flavors.

#1 Monster - Lo Carb

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Monster is my favorite energy drink of all time. The brand is associated with all types of extreme sports ranging from MMA to Monster Trucking.

My favorite flavor is the class Lo-carb spin on the original green monster flavor. It's not as sweet as a Fanta but sweeter than flavored sparkling water.

In fact, I love the drink so much I'll even pair it with a burger when I have no plans of studying or doing anything productive.

Now, deliciousness aside, energy drinks are not for everyone and should never be used as a long-term solution to chronic fatigue or sleepiness.

Sometimes you just need to sleep for a while or contact your doctor for help. The answer to most of life's problems are seldom found in a can.

But if you need a quick pick-up before studying something boring, an energy drink can be a great choice IF your body can tolerate the immense amount of caffeine.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/21/2023


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