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French Bulldog Food

French Bulldogs are just as adorable as they are difficult to raise or at least mine is. Many of these loveable, bat-eared dogs are plagued by an ungodly amount of ailments, including food allergies.

I've heard a number of Frechie owners complaining about their dogs inability to eat duck, fish, beef, and even the omnipresent chicken! I've had no such issue with allergies but I feel for those who do.

My Frenchie isn't allergic to anything that I know of, but he is a very picky eater sometimes. For that reason, I've curate a list of the foods he've loved the most throughout the years.

Beyond - Purina Wet Dog Food

beyond dog food

This is my go-to dog food my Frenchie as its primary ingredient is real meat! Granted, this should be a requirement for all dog foods but unfortunately that legislation probably won't be drafted anytime soon.

The food comes these, probably delicious flavors.

  • Alaskan Cod and Sweet Potato
  • Beef, Potato and Green Bean
  • Chicken, Lamb and Spinach
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato
  • Chicken, Carrot, and Pea

To give my dog a little more variety, I add some organic bone broth or a raw egg to the dog slop.



If you prefer dry dog food for your companion, you can't go wrong with Blue Buffalo's Premier Blend of Chicken and whatever "Tender Meaty Cuts" are.

These two dog foods are the only ones my Frenchie would consistently eat without much protest. However, when it came to feeding raw foods, he immediately gobbled up whatever I put in front of him.

When I fed him raw, this is what his diet consisted of. Feeding an adult dog once a day is generally recommended but given my work schedule and my dog's other health needs, 3x daily was ideal.

  • Meal #1 - Chicken broth, minced Turkey, Sweet Potato
  • Meal #2 - Ground beef, Blue Buffalo Kibble, and a raw egg as a binding agent
  • Meal #3 - Chicken drumstick and thigh with the bones still intact

If your boy or girl is allergic to Chicken, here is a variation of a raw meal plan that excluded poultry.

  • Meal #1 - Bone broth and minced Beef
  • Meal #2 - Ground beef and chopped lamb
  • Meal #3 - Pork Chop with the bones still intact

  • Meal #1 - Broccoli, Chopped Ham, and a raw Egg
  • Meal #2 - Rib tips with bone broth
  • Meal #3 - Chicken wing bones and ground beef (the lower the fat content the better)

Feel free to play around with combinations until you find something your furry buddy will be delighted to eat. Overall, feeding raw is better but if you or your bank account aren't comfortable with it, check out the awesome dog foods I mentioned at the start of this article.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/11/2023


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