Diet Soda Without Aspartame

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Like many people after hearing the WHO's warning about excessive aspartame consumption potentially being linked to cancer, I started distancing myself from my beloved diet soda. My love for Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper runs deep, and I largely credit it with maintaining a healthy weight as it keeps me full longer than if I just had water with my meals.

But alas, there is nothing delicious enough for me to risk cancer. As such, I began scouring the Internet and local food markets to find diet sodas without aspartame. Here are some options that may intrigue you.

Disclaimer: This list is subject to change. Please check the product label before buying. Also, there's no guarantee that WHO won't come out with another recommendation stating that other sweeteners are just as dangerous!

  1. Zevia:

    zevia an aspartame free drink

    Zevia offers a blend of natural flavors like cola, ginger root beer, and lemon-lime twist. All sweetened with stevia leaf extract, it's a zero-calorie treat.

  2. Virgil's Zero Sugar:

    virgils diet soda aspartame free

    With flavors like Root Beer and Vanilla Cream, Virgil's Zero Sugar line offers a rich, satisfying taste without any artificial sweeteners.

  3. Blue Sky Zero:

    blue sky zero diet soda aspartame free

    Enjoy flavors like Creamy Root Beer and Jamaican Ginger Ale, sweetened with Truvia. Blue Sky Zero offers natural taste without aspartame.

  4. La Croix:

    lacroix diet soda aspartame free

    La Croix's sparkling water comes in various fruit flavors like Lime, Grapefruit, and Berry. It offers a bubbly and subtly sweet experience without sugars or artificial sweeteners. Honestly, it doesn't taste great but I'm sure one of my readers will like it.

  5. Honest Fizz:

    honest fizz aspartame free

    Choose from flavors like Lemon Limey and Orange Pop in the Honest Fizz line, all made with organic ingredients and without artificial sweeteners. They almost make pretty good apple juice; my youngest son can attest to this.

  6. Wave Soda:

    Wave Soda is naturally flavored sparkling water with a caffeine kick. Flavors like Mango and Tangerine are refreshing and energizing.

  7. Spindrift:

    Spindrift's sparkling water is flavored with real fruit juice, offering a tangy and fresh taste in flavors like Raspberry Lime and Orange Mango.

  8. Hansen's Diet Soda:

    Hansen's Diet line includes classic flavors like Black Cherry and Ginger Ale, sweetened naturally without aspartame.

  9. Oogave:

    Oogave uses organic agave syrup to sweeten their sodas, offering flavors like Watermelon Cream and Mandarin Key Lime.

  10. Simple Truth Organic Seltzer Water:

    This seltzer water from Simple Truth comes in flavors like Watermelon and Black Cherry, providing a light and refreshing drink without artificial sweeteners.

  11. Waterloo Sparkling Water:

    Waterloo offers a range of sparkling waters in flavors like Black Cherry and Watermelon. It's a refreshing beverage that captures natural fruit essence.

  12. Whole Earth Sweetener Soda:

    Whole Earth's soda line is sweetened with natural ingredients like monk fruit and stevia, offering flavorful options like Cola and Lemonade.

Coke Life was another nice alternative, but it was discontinued in 2021. It could make a comeback, given everyone's newly found disdain for aspartame, but as of this article, there has been no announcement from Coca Cola.

Overall, water is a better beverage for you, but it's so bland and tasteless that most of us would rather have a soda. And this should be ok, as long as you do so in moderation and try out one of the tasty apartame free diet soda on this list.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/31/2023


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