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Walking your dog and feeding them a healthy, meat based diet is a sure fire way to ensure they lead a long healthy life. Now, how much exercise does a dog need?

Try to get at least 15 - 30 minutes of activity in each day for most breeds. However, an accurate answer largely depends on these factors.

  • Dog's age

  • Dog's breed

  • Dog's weight

  • Your climate.

To help you more accurately estimate your dog's exercise needs, I've developed this super simply dog walk calculator. To get started, simply enter your dog's weight, age, and breed type.

Here is a closer look at the factors that impact your dog's exercise requirements.

Your Dog's Age

The age of your dog plays a significant role in determining walking duration. Young puppies and senior dogs generally require shorter, more frequent walks compared to their adult counterparts. Puppies have growing bodies that tire easily, while older dogs may have joint issues or lower energy levels.

Your Dog's Breed

Certain breeds of dogs don't do well with long exercise sessions due to their builds and temperment. French bulldogs, for example, make great companions but horrible jogging buddies.

They have short snouts that make it harder to breathe and are generally just very lazy outdoors. My dog will lay down on ground any refuse to move if he gets tired on a walk.

Your Dog's Weight

A dog's weight can significantly influence its exercise needs. Overweight dogs may require shorter but more frequent walks to avoid overexertion and help with weight loss. Conversely, underweight dogs might need gentle exercise to build muscle and improve health without causing strain.

The Climate You Live In

Weather and climate conditions are crucial factors. Dogs in hotter climates may need shorter walks to prevent overheating, especially breeds with thick fur. In contrast, dogs in cooler climates might enjoy longer walks, provided they are protected from extreme cold or wet conditions.

If you can't get outside due to inclement weather, here are some safe ways to get exercise for dogs indoors.

  • Dog Safe Treadmills

    Dog-safe treadmills are specially designed to accommodate canine needs. They often feature lower speed options and side rails for safety, making them an excellent choice for indoor dog exercise.

  • Weight Pulls

    Weight pulls are an engaging way to build your dog's strength and stamina. Start with lightweight objects and gradually increase, ensuring it's a fun and rewarding experience for your pooch.

  • Wobble Boards

    Wobble boards are not just fun; they improve balance and core strength in dogs. They're especially beneficial for pups in need of joint and muscle strengthening exercises.

  • Obstacle Courses

    Setting up an indoor obstacle course is both fun and stimulating. Use cushions, chairs, and tunnels to create a course that challenges and entertains your dog.

Dog Safe Treadmills

Can a dog run on a treadmill? Absolutely, but with caution. It's important to start slowly and supervise them closely. The key is to ensure the treadmill is dog-friendly and to keep sessions short and enjoyable.

Can a dog use a human treadmill? Technically yes, but it's not ideal. Human treadmills are not sized for dogs and lack safety features. If you must use one, ensure it's on the lowest setting and keep a close eye on your pet.

Weight Pulls

Introducing weight pulls can be a great way to keep your dog fit indoors. Ensure that the weight is appropriate for your dog's size and strength, and always supervise to avoid any strain or injury.

This activity not only helps in physical conditioning but also provides mental stimulation. Gradually increasing the weight can enhance your dog’s muscle tone and endurance effectively.

Wobble Boards

Wobble boards are excellent for improving your dog's balance and core strength. They also help in enhancing joint health, which is particularly beneficial for active and senior dogs.

Start with basic balancing exercises and gradually increase the difficulty. It’s a fun way to engage your dog in a challenging and rewarding indoor workout.

Obstacle Courses

Create a simple obstacle course inside your home using everyday items. This activity stimulates your dog's mind while providing a good physical workout.

You can include tunnels, jumps, and weave poles to make the course more challenging. Remember to adjust the difficulty according to your dog’s size, age, and fitness level.

Interactive Play

Engage your dog in interactive games like hide and seek or fetch. These games keep them active and help in strengthening your bond. Plus, it’s a fun way for both of you to stay active indoors.

Using toys that stimulate their natural hunting instincts can also be a great way to keep them moving. Ensure the toys are safe and suitable for indoor use to avoid any accidents.

Mental Stimulation

Mental exercises are just as important as physical activities. Puzzle feeders and treat-dispensing toys are great for keeping your dog’s mind sharp.

Teaching new tricks or practicing obedience skills are also effective ways to engage your dog's brain and keep them mentally stimulated while indoors.


Keeping your dog healthy and happy involves a balance of physical and mental stimulation. While outdoor walks are ideal, indoor exercises provide a great alternative, especially in bad weather or other restricting situations.

Remember, every dog is unique, and their exercise needs vary based on age, breed, and health. It’s important to tailor activities to suit these individual needs for the best results.

To help you determine the right amount of physical activity for your dog, consider using my Dog Walking Calculator. This tool takes into account your dog’s specific characteristics, providing a personalized recommendation for their daily exercise.

Whether it’s through indoor games, obstacle courses, or using a dog-safe treadmill, ensuring your furry friend gets adequate exercise is key to their well-being. So, mix it up, have fun, and watch your dog thrive both physically and mentally.

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