How much homemade food to feed dog?

steaks for dogs

Is human food better for dogs?

Feeding your dog a natural raw diet is the best way to keep them healthy and happy. Common dry and wet dog foods contain all sorts of fillers and gross additives that companies add in to keep costs low.

As a result, your dog is ingesting whole grains, corn starches and tons of other items that have no nutritional value. The only advantage canned foods have is its much easier to determine the appropriate amount to feed your dog.

Regular food like steak, eggs, and chicken don't come with such guidance so dogs are raw diets are at risk of being over or underfed. To determine how much raw food to feed dog use my simple calculator below. Once you've determined the ounces of meat per day to feed your dog, check out my delicious raw dog food recipes.

Dog Weight (pounds):



Activity Level:

Meat Type:


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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/01/2023