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If you're ready to share your love of food with the world, there is no better place to do it than a food blog. To help you come up with a catchy name, I've built this simple but effective food blog names generator. To get started, click the generate button below and a set of six food blog name ideas will appear on your screen.

If you don't like the initial set, click the generate button again to be presented with six new domain name ideas. Feel free to adjust the slider as needed for more names.


If you prefer to scroll through a list of cool food blog names, here are some of the best ones I could come up with.

  • Anime Themed

    • Ki Sausage
    • Kaiju Portions
    • Shiniyumi
    • Chibi Snacks
    • Grand Kai Meals
    • Chakra Bites
    • Naughty Pickle
    • Titan Tummy
    • Eren Caker
    • Kame Eats

  • Greek Mythology

    • Ambrosia Table
    • Hercules Hunger
    • Athena's Feast
    • Zeus's Dining
    • Poseidon's Plate
    • Apollo's Fork
    • Hades' BBQ
    • Demeter's Delight
    • Medusa's Dish
    • Dionysus's Banquet

  • Animal Themed

    • Fox Plate
    • Rabbit Recipes
    • Bear's BBQ
    • Panda Delights
    • Eagle Eats
    • Otter Cuisine
    • Feline Feast
    • Wolf's Table
    • Deer Dinner
    • Dolphin Dishes

  • Fantasy Themed

    • Dragon's BBQ
    • Elf's Treats
    • Fairy Feast
    • Wizard's Kitchen
    • Goblin's Grub
    • Mermaid Meals
    • Vampire's Table
    • Unicorn's Buffet
    • Griffin's Cuisine
    • Phoenix's Dish

  • Historical Themed

    • Viking's Feast
    • Roman Banquet
    • Medieval Meals
    • Renaissance Recipes
    • Colonial Cuisine
    • Pharaoh's Table
    • Spartan's Plate
    • Samurai's Sushi
    • Victorian Dining
    • Gladiator's Grill

  • Space Themed

    • Galactic Grub
    • Stellar Snacks
    • Cosmic Bites
    • Meteor Meals
    • Astro Appetite
    • Interstellar Eats
    • Lunar Lunch
    • Orbit Omelets
    • Planetary Plates
    • Comet Cuisine

Do food blogs pay well?

Food blogs, like many other niches, pay based on the CPC or cost per click advertisers will pay to show ads on sites like yours. Food is a very popular industry and while not as lucrative as insurance or mortgage niches, can pay very well with the right amount of traffic.

The only issue with food blogs is that everyone and their uncle has one. The competition is so fierce that you'll need to carve out a micro-niche for your site to gain any traction at all.

My Food Blog Journey

I built my food blog,, back in 2022 with the goal of creating the Internet's go-to spot for Gas Station food recipes. Hencing the name 'Fueling Food'. I also plan to open up a string of vendor machines in the South Florida is stocked with goods found in the recipes on my site.

To truly stand out, you'll want to make your blog much more than a recipe hub. Try to pick a topic that contains low-competition keywords that you are passionate enough about to create 2 to 3 pieces of content per week on.

Keep pursuing your Food themed dreams!

Starting a website is very, very hard. You'll start writing dozens of articles that may not even be indexed by Google or receive little to no traffic early on. Search Engine Optimization is a long game; no matter how great your content is, you may not see results for months or years.

Just like any business, consistency is key. Don't stop posting content and sharing your site with whoever will listen. And, if you need some more ideas for content for your site, check out some of my food generators. My personal favorite is the How Long Does it Last in the Fridge Calculator. Admittedly, the name could use some work but it's a super interesting tool that helps my readers determine when its time to throw their leftovers out.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/15/2024