Dog Water Toxicity Calculator

dog drinking too much water

If you're worried that your dog is drinking way too much water, you're not alone. Although rare, water toxicity in dogs is entirely possible.

To ease your anxiety a bit, use my super simple dog water toxicity calculator below. Enter your dog's weight, the amount of water you think he or she ingested, along with the time period in which the water was consumed.

Then, hit the calculate button to display your results.

Disclaimer: The calculations below are only an estimate. Always consult with a vet for any concerns about your dog.

Why is my dog drinking so much water?

Your dog could be drinking a lot of water for a number of reason, most are nothing to worry about. Here are the main causes of your dog drinking excessive water.

  • Eating salty foods - Consuming human table scraps like sausages, fried chicken, and chips can cause dogs to get really thirsty.

  • Excessive indoor/outdoor play - Excercise leaves both humans and canines very thirsty.

  • It is trying to pass a blockage - At times, a dog may be attempting to pass something large it ingested. Your dog may have a partial blockage if your dog is drinking but not eating.

Toxic Water Levels Chart

Dog Weight (pounds) Toxic Water Level (ounces)
10 64
20 128
30 192
40 256
50 320
60 384
70 448
80 512
90 576
100 640

Monitoring your dog's water intake is crucial for their health. If you notice any sudden changes in drinking habits or suspect your dog has consumed water near or above these toxic levels, it's important to consult a veterinarian immediately. Ensuring your dog stays hydrated within safe limits helps maintain their health and prevent potential water toxicity.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 3/05/2024