Dog Grape Toxicity Calculator

dog with grapes

How many grapes are toxic to dogs?

Any amount of grapes can be toxic for your dog but whether it becomes fatal depends on several factors.

  1. Dog's Weight

    A Yorkie will likely have a more severe reaction to injesting a handful of grape than a Great Dane.

  2. Dog's Health

    Dogs with kidney problems, diabetes, and other issues are more likely to have an adverse reaction to grapes than healthier dogs.

  3. Number of Grapes Eaten

    One or two grapes are dangerous for any dog but twenty or thirty is a far greater concern.

To make like a little easier, I put together this super easy grape toxicity calculator to help you determine the potential toxicity level of your grape or raisin incident.

(in grams, 1 grape is about 7 grams)


Please seek a professional Vet for advice about your dog. I'm a software engineer, albiet one that owns a dog, but still not qualified to tell you what to do with your dog.

How to prevent dog from eating grapes

Similar to keeping children away from alcohol or other substances, the best way to prevent raisin ingestion in dogs is to hide them. A mini fridge is a great option as you can keep it in a room or office away from where your dog normally is.

This way your dog, who is probably very aware of where the kitchen is, won't encounter any grapes that have rolled onto the kitchen or dining room floor.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 7/17/2023