Dog Chocolate Toxicity Calculator: How much chocolate is deadly for my dog?

dog with chocolate

How much chocolate is toxic to dogs?

The amount of Chocolate considered toxic to dogs largely depending on a few factors.

  1. The Dog's weight
  2. The type of chocolate eaten
  3. The amount of chocolate eaten

Milk chocolate is generally the least potent for dogs since it has a relatively low amount of theobromine. Dark Chocolate is worse, with nearly triple the amount of theobromine as milk chocolate per ounce. And baker's Chocolate is the most potent with nearly 7 times the amount of theobromine as milk chocolate.

To help you determine if the amount of Chocolate your dog just ate was potentially harmful, use my simple calculator below. My calculator, while accurate, should not be a substitute for veterinary care or advice.

Dog's Weight (in pounds):
Amount of Chocolate (in ounces):
Type of Chocolate:


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Posted by: Matt Irving on 9/13/2023