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Who doesn't love a nice, cold bowl of your favorite cereal in the morning? The crunchiness of the flakes and sweetness of the milk transports me back to those wonderful Saturday mornings I spent watching the latest episodes of Pokemon during my childhood.

If you're searching for cereal name ideas you've come to the right place. Simply click the generate button below and you'll instantly gain access to thousands names for your cereal. And as a treat for my cereal enthusiasts, each name generated will grant you the special prize found in your newly created cereal box.

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My favorite cereal as a kid

My go-to cereals are a child were the super chocolatey and delicious Cocoa Pebbles and Apple Jacks. I loved Cocoa Pebbles because your plain old vanilla milk was guaranteed to turn into flavorable chocolate milk in a matter of moments.

If I couldn't get my chubby little hands on those pebbles, the next best thing was Apple Jacks. While they didn't turn your milk chocolately they did give you a very nice cinnamon flavor to slurp down.

I would eat these two cereals religiously in my youth but as I got older, my tastes buds shifted quite a bit.

My favorite cereal as an adult

As an adult I became considerably less fun, I was worried about taxes, my businesses, the economy, marriage, kids, etc. As such my interests in cereal shifted quite a bit. I now enjoy a bowl Kellog's Special K Cinnamon Pecan with Almond Milk.

I pair it with my favorite energy drink, Monster Lo-Card (the one in the black can with blue stripes). This combo of moderately sweet and monsterously caffeinated is all I need to make it through early morning drop offs and annoying 9am meetings.

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Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I'm constantly feeding my robots with new ideas as I think of them. If you're interested in more breakfast foods, check out my random breakfast generator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/06/2024