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Best Wendy's Breakfast Item

Ever since I cut beef out of my diet completely, I've become more acquainted to the myriad of chicken-centric dishes at restaurants.

One of the most delicious chicken sandwiches that I've had recently is the Wendys Chicken breakfast sandwhich. It's a cheap, relatively healthy protein source that is much better than anything you find on McDonalds breakfast menu.

My breakfast sandwich of choice isn't on the menu, however. Rather, it's a special order that consists of the following.

  • Chicken patty
  • Single slice of cheese
  • 3 - 4 Seasoned Fries
  • An egg
  • Croissant or Regular bun

Now, I have to find a Wendys that was willing to throw a couple of fries on my sandwich, so you'll probably end up buying the fries separately.

To save a little money, order a combo with a chicken sandwich and simply sub out the stock items for the ones on this list.

To make the sandwich both sweet and savory, ask them to include Wendy's honey sauce on the patty. This will add additional calories and sugar to your meal so try to eat this in moderation.

If this delicious breakfast meal isn't your type, check out my Wendy's menu randomizer below. Simply select how many ideas you want and my robots will handle the rest.

This generator uses data pulled directly from Wendys website so its subject to change without notice.

Wendys Meal Randomizer

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Wendys Secret Menu Item

wendys french toast

A hidden gem on Wendy's menu is its French Toast sticks. If you have the calories to spare, throw a few of these on top of your chicken sandwich and thank me later.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 4/4/2023